Facebook for Dieters

So you want to find information on dieting

Lately, I’ve been BOMBARDED with requests from people on how I design my eating plan.

Where do you get all your information from?

Where do you find the TRUTH about dieting?

How do you find the right information?

My answer used to be that I read a lot of books. Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson and Tim Noakes have been pumping out dietary advice for years now and I’ve read all of their stuff on health.

After the reading was done I made the switch to using Google as my primary go to advisor for all things health. Make no mistake, this is a double edged sword. There is only so much that you can do when you search through the Internet for advice.

So what’s a health enthusiast to do? How do you find the answers?


Yup, the big F has great information for find out where you should look. Many Facebook pages link to parent websites, but the reality is that many people who are on Facebook now share almost exclusively through the platform. This means that information shared through facebook is probably of higher quality if people do their research.

facebook image

I’m not talking “Top 10 ways to burn fat” BS articles here either. I’m talking proper articles published by people who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle.

Here is one such high quality, health focused Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thepaleodietza

On that page alone I’ve found some great information on following the Paleo diet, the differences between it and the ever increasingly popular “banting diet” brought back to life by Professor Tim Noakes from South Africa, and other, easy to digest information on what you are doing wrong. The author of the site looks like he is 100% committed to giving out no cost information for people wanting to get healthier. This is great for us knowledge seekers!


There are all sorts of information sources out there at the moment, but I really think that Facebook is going to become the new reddit of the Internet, if it hasn’t already. Reddit is regarded as the starting point of any Internet search, but more people are actively using Facebook these days I think.

Again, I might be talking out of my behind, but the reality is that I know of more people who use Facebook everyday, share stuff using it every day than I do people who use Reddit. Truth? Maybe not universal, but it’s my take on an ever changing world. What works today, might not work tomorrow and that’s the beauty of being part of this crazy world.

Keep well everyone!

Fad diets and their impact

Is dieting the enemy of health?

If you are anyone who is interested in dieting and nutrition then you have no doubt found that the modern take on dieting is to cut out all the offending foods you possibly can. Is this right? Is this BS?

Generally, everyone has a good idea of what healthy eating should look like. You should eat foods that are natural and from the Earth, not from factories or plastic packages. People know this, so why do diets just keep on coming and coming?

The fad

People are drawn into fad diets because they believe that they can get them results with the least amount of work. This is obviously not the case at all. Proper health takes time, commitment and energy to see change.

Fads work, however, because they allow the person to feel like they are seeing results. Results that might not have been experienced before or ever, but results that simply won’t last.

The reason for this is that fad diets aren’t designed to actually help you live a healthier life. You will lose weight, but you won’t lose weight forever. Cutting out bad foods results in your body losing weight, which is great, but you won’t keep the weight off if you don’t maintain the lifestyle.

What’s the answer?

There are many diets that claim to be easy to follow that also allow for delicious foods to be eaten all of the time. Many fail to stick long term because they don’t factor in all the needs of the body. As a result people fall off the bandwagon and end up losing the plot and putting on weight again.

There are however a few lifestyle choices you can make that will help you get healthier without having to deal with all the problems associated with fad diets and lifestyle schemes. Many of these are really simple to follow and actually work long term. There is little sense in signing up for a diet short term.

Short term action gets short term results

This is true with fad diets because they put a stamp on the time you need to stick to them for. Think of how many times you’ve been told that all you need to do is stick to the diet for 3 weeks and then you can go back to your “regular” way of eating.

This doesn’t work because that isn’t the way the human body actually works. The body reacts slowly and doesn’t actually like to change that quickly. This is a survival mechanism that needs to be respected, and once mastered allows you to steer your health very effectively.

Plan for the long term and you’ll consistently get long term health benefits.

healthy foods

What’s the answer?

One of the most influential lifestyles at the moment is the Paleo diet. Paleo works so well because it is easy to follow and works right off the bat. Long term benefits are easily understood because you can work out where your problems are, address them and then benefit from the improvements they bring to your life.

Another good lifestyle is the Tim Noakes diet by Professor Timothy Noakes. This diet is similar to Paleo but allows for more dairy. Diary is a bit problematic because it doesn’t work well for the body no matter how it is consumed. I’d recommend that you don’t allow dairy to get to be too big of a part of your diet because it prevents your body from losing weight effectively and safely.


Pick one of the two lifestyles above and stick to it for at least one month. Benefits will be had after that period of time and will ensure that you are planning for the long term vs just trying to lose weight short term.



My Take On Dieting

People ask me what the best diet is all the time

I live around the world for parts of the year. These include travelling to all sorts of different countries. The most recent of these trips was to South Africa, where as far as beauty goes is one of the most magnificent countries on Earth.


From the raging seas of the West coast to the warmer Eastern oceans, there is a lot to see and do in this relatively small and new country. Ravaged by previous horrific historical events such as the apartheid and other wrong actions taken upon its people, South Africa is a vibrant, rich country filled with endless opportunity and possibility.

If you haven’t considered travelling to South Africa then you really should, it is amazing and will expand our somewhat limited understanding of the country.

The reason I wanted to write out this post is that it has everything to do with the topic and perhaps one of my most (surprisingly) commonly asked questions. I encounter all sorts of people from across the world because of outdoor lifestyle, and everyone is raging about the latest diets, nutritional supplements or lifestyle design options available.

My trip to South Africa was nothing new in this regard. “Banting” which is a new diet “craze” across the globe (though it is ancient in its origins) has been brought to the limelight by a man named Professor Tim Noakes and his tim noakes diet. He is a scientist and sports nutrition researcher at the University of Cape Town in the southern area of South Africa. Recently, Noakes renounced his original views on dieting and began what some are calling a crusade for the health of the planet.

He promotes eating a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Nothing new really, but all the rage during my stay. Many would ask if I knew about the banting diet and I had to answer yes as I knew of William Banting having released his pamphlet because I read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

It seems that while the people are very much taken back by the effectiveness of a high fat diet such as the “tim noakes diet”, there is actually little evidence to support the claims people like Tim Noakes are making. It’s important to understand however that this sort of eating paradigm is nothing new at all. Paleo, for example has been around for decades and is very similar what the Professor promotes in his latest book “The Real Meal Revolution”.

For all the nay sayers, this book sold more copies than other other book this year.

Amazing to think that a book on diet would receive so much attention.

So what is my take?

Try it out. Banting, the Noakes diet and Paleo are all fighting the same fight. They are convinced that the world’s diet is horrifically bad, and that eating more clean foods and healthy fats is the way forward. I for one agree with them and so to answer the purpose of this article and the question it poses, I believe that a Paleo style diet is the healthiest diet you can currently follow.

Trail Camera Uses

Trail Cameras, what can you use them for?

Above and beyond the obvious uses of a trail camera, such as spying on a particular path or part of your farm or hunting area, trail cameras have a big role to play in a variety of situations.

Many people use these simple gadgets to make sure that their livestock isn’t going where they shouldn’t, that their sheep, cattle or goats aren’t being hunted by predators, or that people aren’t stealing them. At the end of the day, it’s always better to have a camera where you can’t physically be.

The best place to put trail cameras is in places where animals are known to frequent. Watering points, fence crossovers or common paths are some of the most common. With new, modern cameras having all the tech they need to even capture images in the dark, it’s no surprise that more and more farmers are using trail cams to make sure they know what’s what at all times.

Night vision

Trail cameras now have night vision capabilities thanks to the integration of night vision LED’s. These LED’s allow the camera to spot animals even in the black of night, and with great effectiveness. Many cameras also are equipped with motion sensing technology and allow the camera to trigger only when an animal (or person) moves past it. This helps to conserve battery and also airtime. MMS technology has enabled manufacturers to allow their cameras to send images to cell phones as soon as an image is captured, allowing farmers and hunters to respond immediately.

Many cameras have actually caught thieves, big cats and animals like coyotes in the act, and helped save thousands in lost/stolen animal stock.


Which brands?

Lynx currently make some of the best versions available, and you can find more information on their trail cameras by clicking the previous link. They are fully featured units which allow the hunter, tracker or farmer a broad range of possibilities when it comes to managing animals. Their top of the line models feature industry leading specifications and can be used for over 3 months on one battery.


Bushnell also makes a diverse range of products, and while they aren’t quite as well known as Lynx trail cameras, they are pretty decent as well. Featuring roughly the same amount of tech as Lynx’s range of cameras, Bushnells are reliable, effective but more expensive.


If you’ve been looking for a high quality, leading edge trail camera, we’d recommend both of these brands. Lynx offers some better price/performance options and allows the user greater flexibility thanks to their accessories and flexible product offering. Bushnell offers time tested results and is a great option too.

Easy Tips For Camping

Camping Tips For Beginners

So you want to start camping with your friends and family. Great!

camping tips for you and your family

Here are some key tips that you need to know in order to maximise your success and the amounts of fun you have out in the wild.

  • Bring a good flashlight
    Too many times people go camping with cheap, dim flashlights. If getting stuck in the dark while you’re trying to find the way to the outside toilet sounds great then don’t worry about this step.
  • Get a good tent
    This may sound over-rated, but a good tent has more benefits than you might realise. It’s important for your tent to be waterproof, easy to setup and not too heavy. Get a good one, you’ll thank us later.
  • Get a great camping stove
    It’s best to get a good stove that can take the bigger camping gas cylinders. The idea of making fire is romantic and fun, but if it gets to a point where you need to eat and can’t wait then a camping stove is definitely a short list item.
  • Get a spade
    Camping spades are great because they are light and you WILL need them at some point, we promise. Many can be used as axes as well as digging holes to poop in, so get a decent one and cover your tracks!
  • Get a great knife
    The best knives are ones that can withstand a punishment. Some knives come with paracord handles, and so they can double as both a cutting instrument as well as catering for emergencies. Try the Bear Grylls range, they are good!

At the end of the day, you’ve got to enjoy going camping. If you don’t like the outdoors then this site probably won’t be for you, and if you don’t like camping well then you probably didn’t get much out of this article.

For those wanting to get out into the wild though, this is a perfect get started guide you’ll win the hearts of your friends and family when you can cook, clean and make fires everyday.